I will start tell my hobby with my first experience ever watching football games in my live. I would start to know about the football games when I was 6 years old. The first game I watched is Manchester United against Chelsea. At that time I only watched the international games only and I don’t know about the local team. I watched the football games in my house with my two eldest brothers and two of them are Chelsea fans. I was attracted to the football games because I like to see the gameplay like when they attack to the opponent with the high momentum to score the goals. my family and I watched the final games with our national teams played against Indonesia senior teams in Aff Suzuki Cup. Before the games between Malaysia and Indonesia play in final, both of the teams have faced in the grouping stages. During the games, Malaysia was lead 1-0 over Indonesia in first half. But in second half, Malaysia can’t adopted attacking from Indonesia player and the games ended by Indonesia won 5-1 againts Malaysia. Although Malaysia loses in their first games, they can reach into final in Aff Suzuki Cup 2010. Many people cannot believe that Malaysia team can through into final because everybody expect the team only can reach semi final.I like watching football games a lot of football games I been attended in my life. Mostly I attended games of Negeri Sembilan team play in their home ground Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman or we can call  it Stadium Paroi. I want to see live football games in Europe especially my favourite team in Europe is Chelsea FC. In my life, I only see the team play on television and I can see the culture of football in Europe is totally different with the local culture. As we know the the fans seat very close to the field and we can see clearly the player paly in front of us. I’ve been to Chelsea stadium known as Stamford Bridge.