My first concert is was amazing and fun this is a reasons why I really addicted going to concert. First time I going to concert at 2017 the concert is was “Taeyang World Tour White Night” in Kuala Lumpur. It was last minutes plan and I buy a ticket on that day concert if I’m not mistake a price is Rm 200 because I buy from someone and not from organizations website if I buy from organizations website a price around Rm 300. The concert start from 8:00pm until 10:00pm and a concert venue at Stadium Negara. I start going to venue at around 5:00pm with my friends. I know is just a early time for me to going to venue but it was my first time concert so I scared if I got late for they performers at 6:00 pm we start queue to enter a stadium. I saw too many fans go for Taeyang concert and mostly they was teenager. At 8:00pm they start they perfomers at on time I just shock at a first because of a sound they play is too loudly but after five minutes I was enjoy what they a perform and a sound it become amazing that you can hear sound so clearly. I and my friends enjoy that night and we sing along with a lyrics.




BTS carries concert for all fans, namely Army. At the concert they had performed all their song. BTS has held a concert together enthusiasts Malaysia on 6 June 2015 set in Mega Star Arena at 6 p.m.. In concert, the BTS has been singing all their songs for Army. Some fans went to the airport to invite attendance and send the BTS to the airport. But I do not have the opportunity to go there because the time a bit too late for me to go there alone. Before entering the concert hall, there are some fans who give free gifts to fans such as banner contained the name of BTS. My friend and I had to queue to enter the concert hall. This is because most of the Army had come early to take a seat near the stage.After the end of session fan meeting, on tomorrow night I attended a concert of BTS. They are very energetic in sing while dancing. The moment has arrived in wait the where BTS sing my favourite song which is I Need You .To watch the concert BTS, I have to pay tickets with prices as much as RM 328.00 for one seat audience. Although tickets are a bit pricey, but I resolve to go to their concert. This is because they are rarely held a concert in Malaysia, so I took this opportunity to meet with them. Since its debut to the present, the BTS making concert in Malaysia only once.